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Ahead of the London Derby: My View on the ''Charismatic'' Conte and the ''Unbeaten'' Pochettino

               Jon Champion the famous PES commentator often refer to London derbies as " rarely quiet, never ever dull".  This disagreement between neighbors is set to hold this weekend when the ever-inform chelsea  host their Tottenham counterparts. Looking way back at the statistics, both team has  some fantastic runs they've been keeping in the EPL. No matter the result this weekend, one of these runs has to be broken. See why below:

                Pochettino's Tottenham remain the only team this season to have kept an unbeaten run in the EPL despite being in the 5th position. Though on an unbeaten run, they've drawn as much games as they've won this season winning 6 and 6 draws. They look set to continue their unbeaten run this weekend by either defeating chelsea or at least managing a draw. The chances looks slim though, owing to the fact that they will travel to France over the course of the week to play Monaco in a must-win encounter, the resulting fatigue could bring an end to their unbeaten run.

                 Antonio Conte on the other hand has kept a record six-games clean-sheet on a role since the switch to the magical 3-4-3 formation, a formation that has drastically reduced the threats of opponent. He also boasted of being unbeaten since the transformation to the 3-4-3 system. With this, chelsea is set to keep the unbeaten run of the 3-4-3 formation and Courtois is set to keep the cleen sheet going. This could be challenging for chelsea because Tottenham presently record more than a goal per match, so Tottenham could possibly aim the net over the weekend.
                A defeat will end Tottenham's unbeaten run, a draw or defeat will end Chelsea's 3-4-3 unbeaten run, a goal by tottenham will end the six-games clean sheet. Surely one must happen...

                             STAY TUNED!!!

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