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Alex Iwobi: Already Losing Fans Favour?

            Criticism, comments and backlashes abound among football fans of a club battling to regain its form. Unfortunately,such criticism ends up on one player or principally on the coach. Such has been the case now with Arsenal's youngster Alex Iwobi with some emotional Arsenal fans, judging by the nature of comments and words slashed on the 20 year old footballer. This criticism intensified after the UEFA Champions League 2-2 draw against PSG at Emirates makng Arsenal's hope of finishing top of the group extremely slim.
          In the course of the match, an own goal was scored at both ends of the pitch, one by Marco Verratti of PSG and another by Alex Iwobi of Arsenal. This gave birth to heated comments by Arsenal fans on the Nigerian international. This comments makes it seem as if to mistakenly convert a goal in one's own net is the biggest crime a footballer can commit. They've forgotten that Arsenal's loss of form and inability to win that match should be traced down to all the players including the technical crew. Do not forget, it was this same fans that gave Iwobi the greatest hype of his career at the beginning of the season to the point of assuming he could become the next Christiano Ronaldo with time. Is this tide turning so soon? Is Iwobi losing fans favour already? Below are some tweets and comments made by Arsenal fans, my point of view follows thereafter;

                                                            Iwobi's confidence levels were already pretty
                                                            low lately, he needs to stay off snapchat and
                                                            get to basics. His form is temporary.
                                                             - The Arsenal (@.............) Nov 23 2016

                                                            Iwobi is such a bottler, reason behind being
                                                            behind in the league and 2nd in UCL group.
                                                            Bench the Nigerian pennant.
                                                             -Olly (@............) Nov 23 2016

            As usual over the week, in my favourite viewing centre, several fans made their comments. An aged Arsenal fan said " if Iwobi were to be my boy I would have given him some lashes".   Another man said "the money he is earning is getting in his head, and is seriously distracting him, if I were Arsene I will bench him for a couple of matches to get his brain back to functioning".  

                               My point of view though, I'm not in support of some of

the comments made above. I believe Arsenal's present slumber could be attributed to the absence of the charismatic and experienced midfielder  Santi Carzola. Arsene Wenger has not obtained a proper replacement for the Spanish midfielder. To me Alex Iwobi is still a youngster trying to learn the trade in one of the biggest league in the world. He needs time. Come to think of it, how was C.Ronaldo's form like when he was 20 years of age? I could remember he wasn't that consistent. But he grew with time. My humble request is to allow Iwobi to grow with time, and he needs to be encouraged to bring the best out of him. And remember, he is under a great coach that knows how best to train youngsters.
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