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Arsene Wenger; A Real Professor in Economics?


             "Le professuer" as Arsene Wenger is popularly called owing to his French background and his intelect in football managerial skills. Arsene Wenger was born in Strasbourg, France on the 22nd of October 1949. He joined Arsenal as a coach in 1996, and has since then been the longest serving coach Arsenal ever had and evidently the most successful so far in Arsenal. Many football lovers for different reasons believed Wenger actually bagged a Phd in Ecnomics. Is that so?

                 Someone once said that he strongly belief Arsene Wenger is a professor in Economics due to his profit-making transfer window negotiations and his ability to buy commodities (footballers)  cheap and later sell them at an exorbitant price. Others thought he was called a professor because of his in-depth knowledge of the game and his ever-entertaining tiki-taka style. And still another one once referred to him as 'specialist in failure' ofcourse we know who that is.

                So who is Arsene? He is a coach who had a degree in Economics and balanced it up with  his football career.

He later did his masters in Economics and Finance.  In the real sense, Arsene Wenger is not a professor in Economics. He had no Phd in the course.
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