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At Last!!! Two Records Broken in the Chelsea vs Tottenham Match


           Ahead of the Stamford bridge encounter were high profile records kept by both teams of which two of those records were broken. The encounter was the exact description of the clash of the titans.

          For the first time since the commencement of the chelsea 3-4-3 formation, the team had to win from a tough comeback. Though Chelsea's 6 games (10 hours) CLEEN SHEET was succesfully broken when Eriksen smashed home a nice shot in the first half of the encounter, making it the first time chelsea will be scored first in the EPL since the 3-4-3 system introduced by Conte. There was tension all across the bridge  as Chelsea players tried their best to get an equaliser before the break. Then suddenly came the spark that lightened up the stadium when Pedro made it 1-1 with a beautiful curl from the edge of the box.    

           Prior to the match Tottenham had been the only team to remain UNBEATEN this season in the EPL.  A record that took Chelsea 90 mins to break thanks to goals from Pedro and Moses in each half of the encounter. A result that however helped Chelsea to continue their unbeaten run from Tottenham in Stamford Bridge since 1990.

           Courtois 6 games clean sheet has been broken and Tottenham EPL unbeaten run this season has been broken. This result keeps Chelsea on top of the table with a point ahead of Liverpool and winning 7 in a row but leaving Tottenham tentatively 5th in the table.

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