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Is Okocha Truly Behind The Downfall of Wilson Oruma?

             Wonders, History and Fabulous jokes shall never end in football viewing centers all over Nigeria. One of such wonderful history in my favorite viewing centre is the gossip i picked from a 25 minutes argument between a middle-aged man and some football loving Nigerians about Austin JayJay Okocha and Wilson Oruma.
               Let's start with a brief history of both players before we get the point of argument of both parties. Austin Okocha, a  charismatic skillful and quick footballer of his time was born in Enugu on the 14th of August 1973. During his time he was the skipper of the Super Eagles of Nigeria and played in several clubs across the globe of which Bolton Wanderers will forever be grateful to him for his impacts in bringing the club from relegation to first division.  On the otherhand, Wilson Oruma a.k.a 'husby sandra' was born in Warri Delta state on the 30th of December 1976. He also was the skipper of the Golden Eaglet that won the 1993 fifa world championship. He was a versatile and very skillful midfielder that sometimes when in the 'green white green' jersey you can mistakenly picked him for Jay Jay because of their similar moves and resemblance. He played mostly in french clubs.

             The middle aged man's point of argument was that Okocha got jealous of how skillful Oruma was and that he was afraid of Oruma stealing his popularity and maybe his position if not careful. The man said okocha and Oruma were so good in the attacking midfielder position that none wants to play the role of blocking for the other when necessary. Others disagreed to the notion and this led to a heated argument, they believe that Oruma was proud and did not want to succumb to Okocha's leadership.Though they agreed that both players have similar playing style, they said Oruma rejected some callups from the Eagles camp and that automatically led to his downfall.
            My pointof view though, as funny as the middle aged man's argument might be, I believe Okocha has a hand in the sudden deletion of Oruma from the Super Eagles for reasons best known to him. Sky sport news ones covered that Oruma believed that JayJay has an influenced in his being dropped from the AFCON in Tunisia.

            As irrelevant as this may be,that was the argument over the weekend during the manutd vs arsenal match. stay tuned for more hilarious funny but sometimes educative gossips. Feel free to drop your gossips and funny moments too.


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