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Mourihno on Mata: is the 'special one' now interested in Juan Mata?


           Jonny Kills as Juan Mata was popularly called in Chelsea, a nickname derived from the literal translation of his name from Spanish to English. Mata is a Spanish national team player, who is currently enjoying his club career in England, a very good midfielder and a versatile attacking player, but one that doesn't suit Mourinho's policy when at chelsea probably because of his poor defensive ability and inability to win tackles.

             On arrival at Manchester United, due to Mourihno's relationship with Mata at chelsea there were speculations that Mata would be sold off. But contrary to that, Mata turned out to be an instrumental 'wonder-boy' under Mourinho. But the question now is, is Mata's consistency in the squad suggesting that he has improved or Mourihno has no option in the squad? Here are sport lovers viewpoints again:

           As usual from my point of view Mata has seriously improved when compared to his time in chelsea.  And here his Mourihno's comment on Juan;
               “The football we want to play here is different. We are in the beginning of that process. I think Mata is very adept to do that with his qualities. We need players with these qualities. He has found a very good natural habitat."  

                 With this I think Mata is pivotal to Mourinho's plan in United.
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