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Yaya Toure's Return: Who Benefited The Most?

            Pep Guardiola, surely one of the best manager to ply the football trade in recent years judging by his trophy-laden career in different leagues. Guardiola of course, is known for his inability to get things right with some big players in his former clubs probably due to his excessive principles or strict rules. An example was the bad relationship he had with Zlatan Ibrahimovich after 6 months of zlatan's switch to Barca in 2010. One of Guardiola's rules then was that no barca player is allowed to drive in a sport car to training. Ibrahimovich was'nt really happy with this rule, so he drove his Ferrari to training and a scene ensued leading to Guardiola hardly communicating with the energetic striker till his exit from Barca. Ibrahimovich was found saying of Pep " as a coach, he was fantastic. As a person, I've no comments about that, that's something else. He's not a man, there is nothing more to say".  Players like Eto'o, Robben, Hleb, and even the quiet Dante said Guardiola isn't good on a human level while Mueller believes he lives in his own world.  

            Unfortunately, it seems Pep hasn't change overtime with some strict rules he originated agian in his present club Manchester city and the clash he had with Yaya Toure. When in Barcelona, Toure faced almost the same thing Zlatan felt when Guardiola ceased communicating with him leading to his exit, but as luck turns out Guardiola is back as his coach after 6 years. Again misunderstanding sprang involving Yaya's agent, and in no minute Guardiola dropped Toure from the City's UCL squad this season, and more to that Guardiola promised not to use Toure in any match till he apologised.

           Well, Toure eventually apologized, but before then the road had been really rough for the coach and the team, making him have his worse managerial run ever in his career, a 6 match winless run. Toure's return against Crystal Palace saw him scoring the two goals that proved decisive and lifted them back to a position at the top of the premier league.

           My point of view though, I believe Toure's position is still vacant in city, nobody has been able to fit in perfectly with the experience, power and control the midfielder has on the pitch and this has shown in the recent sloppy form Manchester City found themselves. The fans and players were happy to see him come back, and yet he proved spectacular once more. If he had been absent for the match against Crystal Palace, it would have been quite impossible for Man.City to have the three points they had. I strongly believed that Manchester City and Guardiola benefited more than Toure on his return.
But thumbs up Yaya Toure for taking such a giant step and coming to the club's rescue when they really needed him.
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