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Can Chelsea Equal Arsenal's Premier League Record?

photo credit: www.flickr.com/photos/indolivescore
     With the speed of light Chelsea had been trampling on any opponent staged against them. Since the conversion to the 3-4-3 system, Antonio Conte's Chelsea had been gunning down anyone placed before them, a feat that saw them on top of the league table with 46 point and more to the talking point, 12 wins in a row, one less to Arsenal's 2001/2002 record of 13 consecutive wins in a row. Of recent, my favourite viewing centre had been filled with dramas, comments and various analysis, especially between Arsenal and Chelsea fans. You might have wondered why Arsenal had been against Chelsea of recent despite the 3-0 they thrashed Chelsea earlier this season?

       The reason is not far-fetched, Chelsea fans are fond of taunting Arsenal on never lifting the UEFA Champions league trophy. One of the reply Arsenal has to this taunts is the 2001/2002 record of 13 consecutive wins record, which no other club in the EPL had achieved. At the moment, with the pace at which Chelsea is rampaging, it seems this reply is approaching the dust as Chelsea needs a win more to meet the 13 consecutive wins record Arsenal has been keeping for about 16 years. Back to the analysis, can Chelsea actually meet this record with their present form and the nature of their opponent?

       The answer to that question will be provided on the last day of 2016, when Chelsea will host a 'stubborn' Stoke at Stamford bridge. Presently, with Chelsea's last win against Bournemouth they've sucessfully set a new club record. With the absence of always scoring Costa and the stable midfielder Kante, it was assumed that the Bournemouth match would bring an end to the consecutive wins, rather it seems their absence was not felt at all as Chelsea went on to defeat Bournemouth with 3 goals to nothing. Now having a complete Chelsea team with this form against you will seem to be a suicidal mission. Earlier, I called Stoke stubborn, yes I know what I'm saying, with the way they heighten their play anytime they find themselves playing against Chelsea, they are always resolute. An example was last season when they drew Chelsea at the Bridge and went ahead to win Chelsea at home. They play direct and physical football, a style that could possibly be a threat to Conte's three-man defense. Candidly, if this Chelsea team is allowed space and room to operate, they will massacre Stoke city. More noteworthy to this consecutive wins by Chelsea was the calibre of teams defeated, teams like Manchester City, Manchester United, Southampton and Tottenham. Are there other clubs that have chased this record set by Arsenal?
        Looking back at the consecutive win records in a season, we find Arsenal on top with 13 consecutive wins, followed by the present Chelsea team with 12 and  Manchester United and Liverpool following with 11 each.

        Looking forward to the drama that will ensue in my favourite viewing centre following the match, as any result from the match will surely give either fan more comments to make. Can Chelsea meet this record? Till December 31 when the decision will be made after 90mins of frantic football. Be sure to get the drama firsthand.
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