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Edinson Cavanni: "A striker I will not accept as a gift"

      When you hear the name "cavanni" what might surely come to your mind is a wasteful and solo striker whose aims at all times is to score impressive goals. Cavanni is a national team player for Uruguay, born on the 14th February 1987. He currently play his club football for Paris Saint German. He is known for his acrobatic displays in front of goal which most times end
up in missed chances, stunts that have caused PSG dearly, changing deserved victory to a pitiable draw.

       Cavanni has been expected to step up his game and play more responsible football up-front since the transfer of Ibrahimovich to Man-utd. But, this has not been the case, infact a ligue I comment once called him a "financial liability" another media comment said "he is not good enough to replace Zlatan." A similar wasteful display came up against Arsenal on day 5 of the UEFA Champions league this season when he wasted a whole handful of chances  including two one-on-ones that should have given the visitors a deserved victory. No wonder the lamentation made above came from a footall fan in my favourite viewing centre who gets annoyed easily with Cavanni's style of play.

        My point of view though, I strongly belief that Cavanni is versatile, but he needs to stop comparing himself to superstars like Ibra. He needs to play his games naturally and score his goals in his own way, and stop missing eight clear chances to score one 'crazy' television goal. Previously I thought it was Ibra's presence in the team that makes him play to impress, and I thought it was because he wasn't given the centre forward role anytime Ibra is playing that makes it difficult for him to convert. But I was wrong, because with the exit of Zlatan, he has still been the wasteful player I knew him to be, I feel he is even worse.  Sometimes I pity the great midfielders he had playing behind him the likes of , he wastes their efforts most times, Thiago Motta especially should be one of the players with the most assists in the World, but since Cavanni doesn't convert the goals how will the accurate passes amount to assists.

       Cavanni should play again tonight when PSG takes on Ludogorets Razgrad on day 6 of the UEFA Champions league. I hope he converts chances this time around.      
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