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EPL Talking Point: Last Games Of The Year

       What a year 2016 had been in the world of soccer! A year full of determinations, anxieties, individual achievements, and of course surprises. Would you have tipped Leceister City to win the 2015/2016 EPL trophy? Or were the Portuguese the favourite to win the EURO? Well, now is not the time to talk on that. Let's focus on the English Premier League matches today and see the teams that a result today can make them start new year in a new position.

         To start with, is the funny timing of the Liverpool vs Manchester City match in India. Coincidentally, they will watch the first half this year and the second half next year because the match is 11 pm Indian time. So, if either team is down this year they have a hope of redeeming their fate in the second half next year in the same match. We'll come back to the Liverpool match, let's start with the first series of matches today that falls to the same time.

           First is the match between Burnley and Sunderland. Sunderland is presently in the relegation zone 18th on the table with 14 points, so a win for them today will see them enjoying the start of the new year above the relegation zone pending the match between Crystal Palace and Arsenal tomorrow. On the other hand, a win for Burnley could see Burnley move ahead on the table depending on the other results for the day. But for this match I hope Sunderland could pull off some strings and start the new year on a good note.

          Next is the match between defending champion Leceister city vs WestHam. The defending champion have been woeful this season, infact a loss for them today would make them start the new year with just a point above the relegation zone if Sunderland could pull a win against Burnley.  Everything being equal, a further win for Crystal palace tomorrow could make them end their match week in the relegation zone. On the other hand, West Ham lies in the 11th position presently, a win could make them start the new year in the 8th position if other matches went in their favour, and a loss for them could see them feeling the hot air of the relegation zone if other results went against
them. But I wish Leceister could put more effort and save themselves the disgrace.

          Next is the Chelsea vs Stoke city match. Sincerely, any result for Chelsea will still see them starting the new year as no 1 on the table, and a win for them will see them equal Arsenal's premier league record.  On the other hand, Stoke lies 7 points clear of the relegation zone, a defeat for them will see them sink further as the new year commence.

          Not much to say on the Southhampton vs WestBrom match, they followed each other in positons 8th and 9th respectively with a point in between. So, a win for Westbrom will see them in the new year ahead of Southampton.

          No matter the result between Swansea and Bournemouth, Swansea will still start the new year in the relegation zone.  Next is the Manchester United vs Middlesbrough match. A heavy win for United could see them start the new year in the Europa position ahead of Tottenham with the same point but on goal difference pending Tottenham's match against Watford tomorrow. A defeat for Borough will also make them perceive the relegation heat.

           To the match of the week, depicting Liverpool vs Manchester City. Liverpool is presently second on the table with a point ahead of Man City. A win or draw for Liverpool will ensure they march to the new year still in their second position, but a win for Man city will ensure Mancity climbs to the second position in the league at the expense of Liverpool. So I see a fiercely competitive match between this two as a defeat for either side will further jeopardize their dream of chasing Chelsea at the top of the league. Whereas, Chelsea will be so much delighted if the match ends in a draw which means both teams drop points, and this could create a 8 point lead for Chelsea provided they defeat Stoke.

         So many dramas to be seen this afternoon. Wow!!! Enough of the talking point, its almost time for kickoff, MEET ME AT MY FAVOURITE VIEWING CENTRE!!!
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