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How To Become A Pro Footballer

       Football, football, football!!! Mere hearing those words sends a shivering spine and triggers loads of excitement from millions of youth all over the world. Even, for a male toddler especially in a country like Nigeria, Brazil and host of others, the best gift you can present is the round leather material known as football. Little wonder, the reason for conflict between teenagers and their parents is the indivisible passion these lads has for football, ranging from playing ball after school hours to neglecting school assignments to watch football matches. Though, most times this issues are always resolved as was the case with me.  But when you see a boy that has wild passion for football, he could sacrifice something precious to him just to either watch or play football. Sadly though, this has led some promising young minds into neglecting their education to procure a spot in the professional football field, from cases heard this kids in most cases fail to achieve their professional aspirations, all because the route they planned to navigate to the top was a wrong one.

        But there are several players who completed their education and still made it as a pro footballer, we have Socrates a Brazilian midfielder who is a medical doctor with additional Phd in philosophy, Lampard, Van Der Sar who is a master holder and many many others. So if you want to develop a career in football you don't need to quit your studies, you just need to be a little more organised.     Here are few tips to achieving your goal as a professional footballer and take note how being educated can accelerate your playing at the top flight level.

                       Let me allow you time to meditate on this point while I gather a cogent aspect and almost the most important step to take but which most youth with a similar dream as yours sadly neglects. Stay tuned for the second part of this very important tips, and keep up with the search.
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