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Match Day Preview: Tottenham vs Chelsea


photo credit: /www.flickr.com/photos/30744769/
        The first premier league game of the calendar year for the blues. Revenge, show of top class or fight of the titans, give this fixture any name you want, its worth it. Tonight is a night for the Londoners, a possible night for Chelsea to beat Arsenal's unbeaten record and set up a new one while simultaneously winning another London rival Tottenham. This is a match that everyone is anticipating to watch. A match that came too soon after the marauding first leg encounter in which records were broken. Now is the day that could either be a sweet revenge for Tottenham, a show of top class football by Chelsea or clash of the titans by the two sides, having in mind that the two team were said to have had the tightest defence this season judging with the number of goals conceeded, with Chelsea 13 and Tottenham 14. Let's take a brief look at some interesting history and events that surrounds this match to be played in White Hartlane.

      Both teams are coming into this match strong, Tottenham is approaching with a fascinating 4-1 victory against Watford over the weekend helping them secure their 5th position in the table, while Chelsea is coming in with a hard-earned 4-2 victory over a stubborn Stoke city, remember that's their 13th consecutive win in a row. Earlier, I said this match came too soon, this is so because the first leg was still fresh in the mind when Chelsea got a true test of their new 3-4-3 formation by making the first come-back since adopting this system and later winning the match gloriously. And that was the match that brought an end to Tottenham's unbeaten EPL record this season. This is a total revenge for Tottenham and an opportunity to reduce the 10 point difference from Chelsea to 7 points if they triumph.

       So many comments had ensued from different corners, from pundits, the players, both coaches and football fans. Harry Kane had just made it clear that their dressing room resolution was never to allow Chelsea set the EPL record by defeating them, he said" we definitely don't want to be the team that lets Chelsea break the record". Conte had heaped praises for his counterpart Pochettino stating that he also play very good football similar to that of Chelsea. In my favourite viewing centre, following Arsenal's draw to Bournemouth yesterday, Arsenal fans made comments against the blues, it all portrays that Arsenal will be fully supporting Tottenham today as the show unfolds with a bit to reduce the point between them and Chelsea and also to prevent Chelsea from making their record irrelevant.

         Whatever the outcome tonight will still see Chelsea gallantly on top of the table and a wide-margin defeat for Tottenham today will see Manchester United in the 5th position dropping them to 6th. White Hartlane from history has not always been comfortable for Chelsea, not to talk of when there are records to break and revenge to execute. A hot encounter awaits both teams later this night, a contest that must not be missed.    
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