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My View on The MESSI-RONALDO Age-long Debate In Viewing Centres


photo: flickr
        Interestingly for over a decade, hardly will there be a match by either Barcelona or Real Madrid that this decade-long debate will not surface. To intensify the flames of the burning debates, these two titans have shared the most rated football award Balloon d' Or among themselves for about a decade now, they seem to dominate the football world with their unimaginable but unique prowess. The Argentine Lionel Messi has 5 Balloon d' Or to himself while the Portuguese Christiano Ronaldo has 4 of the notable award in his kitten.

       Interestingly but sadly, it seems these football stars have sucessfully divided the whole football community in two, featuring the pro-Messi faction and the pro-Ronaldo faction. When you want to get the best amusement and the most heated version of this argument with scintillating histories and statistics by football fans, try and watch the El'classico in a viewing centre. There, you will probably hear "Ororo" referring to C.Ronaldo by the Ronaldo fans and probably you will keep hearing "Ijaya" as Messi is popularly called by the Messi fans. The Ronaldo fans belief that Ronaldo is better than Messi while the Messi fans belief Messi is far better than Ronaldo. The Messi fans supports their point by counting the number of Ballon d' Or awards won by Messi as Ronaldo trails 5-4, they go further by pointing to the fact that Messi dribbles easily and he is a natural footballer unlike Ronaldo who keeps struggling to be at his best, also they claim Messi has more goals overall as compared to Ronaldo, and then you will see very funny and hilarious statistics. On the other hand, the Ronaldo fans main argument is that unlike Ronaldo, Messi has never left the comfort of the spanish club Barcelona where they claim their "tiki-taka" style and the caliber of players there, made it so easy for Messi to succeed.  They boast that Ronaldo has played in the english league, which appears to be the toughest and has won the league, been the top scorer in the league, won several other cups in England and won his first ever best player while playing for Manchester United. They go further by claiming that Ronaldo is more influential in his country Portugal and has won a silverware being the EURO cup for his country, while Messi has not achieved such a feat for Argentina but has crashed out of many finals. The arguments goes on and on and on.

         Now you will want to know my take on this debate, I ll start my point with this quote by Osho which states; "Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable." I strongly belief they are both legends of varying capabilities, varying skills, varying techniques but always focused. Ronaldo's shots are just like bullet while Messi is the king of placement, Messi has a better footwork while Ronaldo is master of skills, as he redefined the magical use of leg-overs. To me they are just incomparable, both legends, though with more exposure. I sincerely belief Ronaldo has more exposure and charisma. As much as I don't get myself involved in such arguments, I'll definitely contribute when a person talks too much about Messi being better, and my main point is exposure and national success.

       Let's know what is going on in your viewing centres, and your own take of this decade-long debate.
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