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Pogba or Costa: Who Is The Most Insulted Player In Viewing centres?


        Rage, fumes, anger, disappointment are just few of the expressions that football fans in my viewing centre show when these two players are featured by their respective teams. Interestingly, it was observed that its fans of the clubs they play for that mostly criticize them. But its very difficult to know the more critisized player between the two. But in my favourite viewing centre after some interviews I made, I think I've been able to figure out the one that is more disliked.

       Paul Pogba was signed by Manchester United at the beginning of the season with a whooping world record fee of  93.2million pounds from Juventus. Since the time of his signing till date, most football fans especially Manchester United fans in my viewing centre have found the young lad very disappointing as they accused him of being a lazy midfielder most times comparing his performance with that of Ngolo Kante of Chelsea. A Man.Utd fan even accused him of pride, he said;  'he jogs when he suppose to run, and he walks majestically as if nothing is at stake when he should be frantically up and doing to help the team', the fan further said 'the idiot walk and play as if he own the whole United team'. Though there are still few that love this young Midfielder, but it appears majority of the fans in my viewing centre just dislike his performance.

       On the other hand, Diego Costa of Chelsea started off this season brilliantly and was excellent in the first half of the season with so many praise accorded him. But his decline in performance seems to come when he was offered a huge fee to play in China, the deal was not successful. Since then Chelsea fans in my viewing centre belief he plays nonsense intentionally because his mind is no more in the club, he loses fans favour suddenly as he struggled with a poor run of 7 games without a goal. It seems all moves made by Costa will surely not be successful. At a point, a Chelsea fan was so disappointed that he shouted " Hazard should stop giving this China boy passes". More frustrations had already been featured on this blog click here to view. Most Chelsea fans already want him out of the club, they no longer want him, they want him to go to his China. In my viewing centre it seems its just two of us that still like Costa as we did from the start of the season.

       Judging from the comments emanating from my viewing centre, I can guess out that Pogba is the more condemned player as Costa still has few brilliant moments like that brace he scored on Tuesday against Southampton, he had a superb performance. A little more like for him that night, but I strongly doubt if it were genuine and if the like will continue.

       Please feel free to share your view from your viewing centres.
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