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Chelsea Transfers: I Will Choose Fabregas to Stay Over Hazard


      Dramatically, the season has come to a meaningful end, we are now in the part of the year where transfers are made, sometimes as expected, other times a big churn of surprises. The time of the
season when each club play a dazzling part in keeping the club's hopefuls for the following season from the potential snatchers with tempting offers. Chelsea is one of the clubs who has to work hard in keeping their stars from potential snatchers as their has been a heavy link between Hazard and Real madrid and Ac Milan with Fabregas. In the light that one of this two players has to go and the other will stay, as a Chelsea fan who would you prefer? Here are few of the comments and my sole point of view.

      When asked this same question in my favourite viewing centre, comments flew in from different angles. One of the comments came from a stark Chelsea fan from my favourite viewing centre, he said "Hazard (omo ologo), I can never choose Fabregas over Hazard, if not for hazard where will I be this season" he further said "since the exit of Joe Cole there had been no other 10 that drives until Hazard was unleashed".  I was surprised actually because i have a different point of view, but before mine, here is what another fan had to say on this controversial issue. A middle aged man said "unlike Fabregas, Hazard has the potential to spark other forwards to action when the team spirit is down, I strongly believe in Hazard. On the contrary, some fans belief that Fabregas is more preferable because of his dynamic and diverse way of play and the sensational passes that keeps the ball in play always. Even a United fan once said "Fab out of the game, Chelsea out of action".
       My point of view tho, I strongly believe Fabregas has a better influence in the Chelsea team because of his different patterns of play. And I've observed that Hazard could be easily silenced in big matches as we have seen with Herera, the second leg against Tottenham and the final against Arsenal. Hazard is an outstanding player I must confess, but Fab's influence, experience and match-changing statistics surpasses that of Hazard.

      That's from my point of view tho, Feel free to drop yours.
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