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F.A Cup Final: History Supporting Arsenal, Team-Quality Favouring Chelsea


photo : flickr wonker
       The long awaited moment is here with us, the final episode of the F.A cup for this season. Spiking this final up is the rivalry of the two teams involved, another London derby you will agree. The third time Chelsea will be playing against their London rivals this season. Judging with interviews, speculations and analysis majority of the football fans tipped Chelsea ahead of Arsenal including the boss himself, Arsene Wenger. But as technically compact and brilliant as the Chelsea team is, something vital still gives Arsenal a pool of hope ahead of this final. Let's take a brief look on how both sides are favoured.

       History, so far has played a major impact in the world of soccer. History again could come in favour of Arsene Wenger as he is currently regarded as one of the best managers in the competition winning 6 of the previous 12 FA cup trophies Arsenal has in their kitten. A win today will automatically make him the greatest coach in the competition with a trophy better than Ramsay who won 6 FA cups with Aston Villa. A major concern for Arsenal however is their injury crisis and their skipper's suspension, ruling out 3 great defenders from the final showpiece. But as discussed earlier, history could again help them as their 2005 victory against Manchester United almost follow the same pattern. Then, Arsene Wenger could recollect that Arsenal was writhing in injury pains to the extent that he had to send Bergkamp upfront as a striker against a strong United team featuring Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs and other fantastic players. The odds? Arsenal won the final on penalties, either deserving or not, they won.

          On the other hand, Chelsea seems to be the competition favourite this season as they gallantly approached the final with a convincing win over Tottenham. They've been crowned the EPL kings after an excellent season, technically, the Chelsea team is complete and ready to destroy their counterpart as they seem not to have any injury worries unlike their opponent. Chelsea's team quality is high plus the hope of Eden Hazard lifting his first FA cup trophy today, he will play at his best.

         Will Chelsea's EPL merriment steal their focus on the FA cup? Or could Arsenal submit to history to lift their third FA cup in 4 seasons consecutively? The stage is set to see for ourselves.

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