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Olivier Giroud or Karim Benzema; Which Of The French International is Worse?


    Again, fury, spites and condemnation sets in anytime these french internationals are featured in their respective clubs. This season, both strikers seems to be out of form judging from their productivity and influence on the pitch. But of course, football fans in my favourite viewing centre have so many comments that shows their dislikes for these players present form.

    Karim Benzema plays for Real Madrid as their centre forward while Olivier Giroud plays for Arsenal, a London club. This season both players have struggled to be prolific in their respective clubs culminating the height of dissatisfaction football fans have with their forms. Benzema is popularly called "ogede" (meaning banana) among the Yoruba speaking football fans in my favourite viewing centre. You might ask 'why "banana?"' Among the Yorubas banana signifies something especially someone that is dull, weak, sluggish and slack. That slang shows that Benzema is not a sharp striker as they do point out, he misses tons of chances before he converts one if he is ever going to convert. Similarly, Giroud has not been prolific with goals this season as his non-productivity is part of the problem Arsenal is having presently. Most Arsenal fans have lost interest in the striker as well as other football fans in my favourite viewing centre. Though most Arsenal fan shift the blame to Arsene Wenger for not getting better strikers during the transfer window, nonetheless when Giroud is featured you ll hear several comments such as "its only head we buy", "whats the usefulness of his leg", "for head only". All this comments is due to the fact that Giroud misses series of scoring chances using his leg, but he is a bit sharper scoring an header. The above comments also suits him because there are some balls that he would have scored with his legs, but NO, Giroud will attempt it with the head. As to the worse striker, the football fans I interviewed have been unable to point out which is worse as they strongly told me both strikers are useless. In fact, an Arsenal fan told me their is no point comparing two empty vessels. Before I go on with my view as usual, there is something common between these strikers.

      Apart from the fact that they are both French players, both of them seem to be their coach's favourite probably because both coaches are also French. Sometimes I just wonder 'why not Morata ahead of Benzema'? Nonetheless from my viewpoint, I think Benzema is better because his team is presently in the semifinal of the champions league and a title contender for the La Liga. Though, those achievement could be because of the sets of intelligent players that plays alongside him. Giroud mostly disappoints when his club needs him most. At least Benzema misses chances,sometimes you will not know Giroud is on the pitch throughout the course of the match. Those are my candid view on the subject. I belief Giroud is worse.
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