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3 Reasons Why Manchester United Might Be English Best Team Next Season

               As last week saw the release of the 2017/2018 EPL fixture, many clubs all over the world including English clubs have been strengthening their team in one way or the other. The red devil will be the team to talk about today, as they seem to be heavily linked with major players and their tenancity in signing key players to the missing roles in the team. Jose Mourinho and the red devils seems to mean business in preparation for the coming season. let's see 3 reasons why we can make this conclusion.

                Firstly, a hip of praise to the manager Jose Mourinho who got a double last season despite managing an average United team that played most matches among English teams. An excellent team rotation and professional tactics by the manager saw the team succeed the rest of the season without the likes of their talis man Ibrahimovich, skipper Smalling and a host of other players lost to injury. With such a coach, the sky is just the starting point for United next season especially if he has the needed reinforcement he sought for.

              Further, the manager meant a lot of business as he was reported to have submitted a list of 25 players he needed at Old Trafford, this list seems massive because Mourinho sad it contained the list of first choiced players and a host of alternatives in case the first choiced deals do not pull through. A scenario is seen to that already, when United was linked to land Griezmann from Athletico Madrid, they were so keen on landing the striker but the deal proved abortive. Immediately they switched over to landing an alternative, in person of Alvaro Morata and now they are very close to buying the Real Madrid striker. This shows a true spirit of determination in securing a major and renowned striker. Ivan Perisic is also a famous attacking midfielder who's signing is almost a done deal and a host of other key players. It appears Mourinho is shocking all vital areas and making sure he has strong alternatives in cases of injuries or suspensions as seen last season. Another noteworthy sign of success is that the coach has appealed to the club to make all signings complete by early July so that adequate preparation for the coming season could start with a complete squad. This kind of gestures are signs that shows a team that is ready for success in all competitions.

                 Lastly, following the course of history, Mourinho's second season in a club has always been the most successful, next season will be his second in Manchester United I'm not seeing him with less success next season.
                 I'm not a United fan though, but I'm impressed by the level of preparation and height of seriousness the team has shown. We do have different opinions at time, you can drop your proposed best English team for next season here with reasons.
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