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3 Significant Advantages Of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) In Football

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                As the globe is revolving around its axis, so also things and events inside the globe are moving constantly in almost all sectors. Football in particular has seen series of massive inclusions and modifications all in a bid to make the game more exciting and near perfection. The goal-line technology is a major inclusion in this section of sport and since its introduction, it has done an excellent work in giving goals that might have seem controversial and perhaps not awarded without the goal-line technology.

               Another notable inclusion in the world of soccer is the Video Assistant Referee(VAR) which is presently in use for the ongoing FIFA Confederation cup. Though reactions have sparked globally on the use of the VAR especially the controversy it caused during the Chile vs Cameroon match. As some hipped praises for the VAR inclusion, others including notable icons in football dislike the inclusions of this updates. But the VAR has some key and very important advantages that will make a significant difference in decision making. Below are 3 of its significant advantages.

              As we know that anything that has pros must have its cons, and reaction by some players has proved that the VAR has its cons, these cons will be looked into in another article.
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