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Ronaldo's Tax Evasion Accusations: A Way Spanish System Deals With Foreign Players


photo: google/itsgoneviral
       Spanish league is arguably one of the best leagues in the world. The spanish league is known for its intelligent ability of securing highly prominent players in the world, most notable football icons have one way or the other passed through the spanish league, players like Ronaldinho who played for Barcelona, Zidane who played for Real madrid, Raul, Roberto Carlos just to mention a few. Infact, currently the two leading football players in the world play in the Spanish league. Recently, another tax evasion scandal has been raised against the Portuguese skipper Christiano Ronaldo, that if proven guilty might land him in jail terms. Not quite long ago was that of Lionel Messi, and this just baffles me, I kept wondering if there is a loophole in the Spanish system of collecting tax, is the tax system in Spain too strict or if the players are intentionally evading tax.

      Alexis Sanchez who once played for Barcelona was also once accused of tax evasion fraud same with Angel Di Maria, Pepe and hosts of others like that. To think of it, none of these players is Spanish. And frankly speaking C.Ronaldo and Lionel messi are among the richest players in the sport, it seems unthinkable for both of them to evade tax. Messi narrowly sneaked out of a jail term when he was found guilty of tax evasion on the rule that anybody whose jail term is below 2 years could be allow to go on probation without tasting being behind bars. Alexis Sanchez case was similar too as he narowly escaped being jailed. Now Christiano Ronaldo is facing the wrath of the system as he is the one presently accused of this same offence. He was so angry about the accusation that he has since then wished a move away from Spain, making him a doubt for Zinedine Zidane's side next season. He felt he was not adequately protected by his club. According to a Portuguese paper, Ronaldo said his decision to leave Spain is irreversible, though that's a hard nut to crack as there seems to be no club that can meet the demands of the Portuguese.    
         Personally, I think something should be done to rectify this tax evasion system in Spain as it has caused a lot of embarrassment for these players. In my candid opinion, instead of piling up the tax debts of the players, why not notify them monthly about their dues and save them the public disgrace. The situation is becoming alarming and could debar excellent foreign players from coming to the league.

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