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The Loopholes Of The Video Assistant Referee(VAR)


photo: flickr
          As technology is taking its toll in the world of soccer, we have seen some changes and modifications all to make the game more beautiful and interesting.  One of these changes is the invention of Video Assistant Referee, which have been used in a couple of high profile matches. In a recent post on this blog, the merits and beauty of this invention has been discussed, which you can read here. But no matter what, any human invention that has beautiful advantages must have its cons and disadvantages, and moreso, the assistant is also human and not perfect. Below are the loopholes and demerits this new system seems to bring and certain events that exposes this.

             Candidly, the VAR is still going to be a very useful tool in modern football. Though, it may start floppy a little as seen in the friendly between France and England and in the Confederation cup match between Cameroon and Chile. But all the same we should look forward to its implementation in various leagues in the world as it will make a major difference in the sport.

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