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Why A Supposed Enterprising Super Eagles Team Is Dying

               In the wake of a disastrous start to the Afcon 2019 qualifier, the super Eagles team is about to take the path of the age-long tradition of permutation, hoping to qualifier at the mercies of others when they fail to help themselves. Sooner or later they will start hoping a team will defeat another team to give them the hope of qualifying, a situation that could have been avoided in the first instance. The super eagles have started on the same disappointing route when they lost at home to a determined Bafana Bafana team in the first match of the AFCON qualifying round. The super eagles team were so disappointing and cold throughout the game, that you will find it difficult to believe its the same team that starred Kelechi Iheanacho, Iwobi, Ndidi, Ahmed Musa and so on. Personally, I can conclude that 20% of the cause of failure goes to the players and the remaining percentage of failure should be shared by the NFF and coach. You may want to know why I feel this way.

                To be frank, I don't actually belief in coach Rohr, I see him as a coach that lacks tactics when things seems difficult. His call-ups are very poor, the lads he included in yesterday's match barely had enough playing time in their clubs. Iheanacho barely play for Manchester city, Alex Iwobi is no more regular in Arsenal, Musa is struggling in Leceister and so on. All this could not make the eagle run not to talk of fly.  To be candid, I felt the impact of Mikel Obi's absence in the team as the Nigerian midfield was nothing to write home about. No cynical passes, no good first touches, no massive control of the midfield and seriously nobody to elate the spirit of these players. Ighalo also an experienced player, was not called-up by coach Rohr for reasons best known for him. The coach should look deep and work more in finding a good replacement for Mikel, especially for times like this when the skipper will not be available. Sometimes I don't know why the super eagles find it difficult to find a suitable central midfielders when we once had players like Rabiu Ibraheem, Azeez, Haruna Lukman and a host of others. Where they are now I don't know, and here comes the negative impacts of the NFF who chose not to follow up with this promising players.

              Well, those are my thoughts on the current state of the Super Eagles of Nigeria. I wish coach Rohr will look deep in Nigeria grassroots football and bring up better plans for the eagles. The next competitive game for the eagles will be against Cameroon in a world cup qualifier. I hope there will be better call-ups and performance by the coach.
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