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4 Clubs Under Pressure Over Neymar's Barcelona Exit


         Its no longer news that the Brazilian star Neymar Jr seeks a transfer away from Barcelona to PSG as the later came with tremendous offer for the 25-years old Brazilian. Over the last two weeks, speculations has been going on over Neymar, though the Brazilian decided to keep mute over news concerning his transfer. His attitude of recent however has suggested he wants to leave the Nou Camp this summer as he was seen to have been involved in a clash with fellow teammates and working out of training as seen here. The news of Neymar's transfer has sent some clubs panicking as their stars may one way or the other be linked with a replacement for the Brazilian in Barcelona. Here are some of the teams at risk.

          CHELSEA: The closer Neymar is to leaving Barcelona the more the Catalans pressurize Chelsea over Eden Hazard as a replacement for Neymar. Barcelona has shown tremendous interest in the young Belgian since the Neymar transfer saga. This has sent Antonio Conte in panic as he released an official statement that Hazard is not keen on any transfer for now. More pressure will definitely be on Chelsea if Neymar deal pulls through.

            LIVERPOOL: Coutinho, another Liverpool favourite has also been linked to Barcelona should Neymar's PSG deal pulls through. Coutinho appears to be one of the key players in Liverpool as his play-making skill has been exceptionally brilliant. If he should leave Liverpool, it will be a big blow on the Reds.

            TOTTENHAM : Dele Alli of Tottenham is another proposed replacement for Neymar should Neymar leave Barca. Alli was exceptional last season as he helped Tottenham book a place in the coming  season UEFA Champions league. His transfer away from Tottenham may be a bit disastrous for the club as they have done their best in conserving their talents in this transfer window.

          ARSENAL: Arsenal is indirectly linked to this issue as a move for Hazard will definitely send Chelsea landing heavily on Arsenal over a move for Alexis Sanchez. Chelsea has shown interest in the Arsenal forward initially when the transfer window opened of which Arsene Wenger made it known that Sanchez is not for sale. So a deal for Hazard will send Chelsea coming for Sanchez with all their might.
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