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The Player That Could Suffer As Manchester United Unveil Nemanja Matic


photo: flickr
      The out-of-favour Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic has seen favour in the hands of Mourinho as the player has now completed a move to Manchester United. Matic alongside Diego Costa was dropped by Antonio Conte from the squad that went to China for their preseason tour. But right from the start, the Red Devil boss belief in the magical maestro of the midfielder as he worked with him in his title winning season in Chelsea. Mourinho so much belief in the midfielder, and his move could spell doom on some players in United as the boss will definitely play him in his starting eleven.

       Earlier, Mourinho said in an interview that once Matic signing pulls through, it will be a very good avenue to free up Paul Pogba as Pogba played massively in the defensive part of the midfield last season. And he further said that Herrera will be able to move up and down the midfield while Matic holds the midfield. But all through the interview Mourinho didn't make mention of one of his charismatic midfielder of last season in person of Marouane Fellaini. So, obviously with the signing of Matic, Fellaini might be displaced in United starting eleven next season. With this in mind and Galatasaray observing this scenario, they came in with a bid for Marouane Fellaini. So Fellaini could be the midfielder that would be released from the United squad in favour of Nemanja Matic. And a point to note is that Mourinho getting Matic, could make him boss the best squad that will have a massive control of the midfield next season. A midfield that could park the bus intelligently and attack massively.

        Mourinho is really building a castle in United, Conte is getting his empire in order, Wenger is streghtening his palace, Pochettino is preserving his mansion. Truly, next season will definitely be one with lots of surprises.
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