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Why Neymar Jr Fought Teammate In Trainning As He Exits In Anger

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                     Neymar Jr one of the skillful talent forming the magical trio of the Barcelona squad was seen clashing with a newly signed teammates in training as Barcelona prepared to play Madrid on Saturday in one of their preseason tour. Splash footage caught him having a clash with Nelson Semedo a newly signed Barcelona player, Neymar might have resorted to a physical clash but all thanks to the timely intervention of  Sergio a fellow teammate. After the clash Neymar was seen to have allegedly torn his training jersey and headed off the pitch in anger. What could have been the cause of this unbecoming event?

                   To an extent, all could still be traced down to the interest Paris Saint Germain showed in buying the player from Barcelona with an exuberant fee of around 220 million euro, a deal that could make him the most expensive player ever in the world. Since then, Barcelona have tried all in their capacity to retain the skillful forward and several comments from his teammates has shown that they all wished he stayed and complete the remaining four years he has on his contract at Camp Nou. But to spice curiosity, Neymar has been silent all through but have made some moves with his father which suggests he is keen on leaving Barcelona. He was reported to have missed some events due to the fact that he was busy with transfer issues. So this could have resulted in his frustration on the pitch earlier today as he might have felt Barcelona is trying to tie him down against his wish, and more reason why he tore his Jersey. 

                    I think its high time Barcelona start looking for a replacement for Neymar as it seems his heart is totally cut off Barca. Though, those kind of behaviours ought not to go unpunished as its a gross sign of indiscipline. His playing against Real Madrid on Saturday will definitely be in doubt.   
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