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4 Reasons Why Diego Costa Should Be Pardoned By Conte


photo: flickr.com
        In the wake of a disappointing Community Shield defeat to Arsenal, Chelsea boss Antonio Conte now has to look inward and settle rifts with some of his players. One of those players is the charismatic striker Diego Costa popularly known as "the governor". Diego Costa was told by the Chelsea boss Antonio Conte that he is no longer in his plans for this season, and as a result excluded the Spaniard from the team's preseason tour. Later Costa was also seen partying in Athletico Madrid's jersey and he sent a message to Fabregas to give Conte a hug. At a point, Costa and his agent called a truce which fell on the deaf hears of Antonio Conte. But with the situation of things at the bridge, there could be outstanding reasons why Costa should be recalled. Here are 4 of the reasons why a recall for Costa could be a saving grace for both parties.
             TESTED AND TRUSTED: Diego Costa is a tested and trusted quality in the EPL, as strikers of his kind are very hard to secure in the English Premier League. More often than not, it has been seen in recent years in the EPL that best strikers in other leagues always find it difficult to replicate their forms in their various EPL clubs. And for some, it takes time and consistency almost for a whole season before they could shoot up some above average performance. This is almost dawning on Chelsea's record signing Alvaro Moratta, who is yet to make a replica of his performance at Juventus and Real Madrid. It may take time for the striker to settle down at the Bridge. Batshuayi had a good preseason tour but failed to make a significant impart in Chelsea's Community Shield defeat. With this, Costa's trusted abilities could be the best to count on as this season unravels.  

            SAVING GRACE: Presently as Costa stands, if Conte decide not to recall him to the squad, he might not play for any club till January when the transfer ban placed on Athletico Madrid is lifted. And that most likely will result in him not featuring in next year's World Cup, a tournament all players dream to play. Recalling him to Chelsea would save his chances of being called by Spain for the World cup. A recall would be crucial for his career.

            AGILITY AND AGGRESSION:  Diego Costa is known for his agility and aggression on the field of play especially in the striking position. He is always a constant threat for the opposition defence and always ensuring the two opposing central defenders are busy on him instead of joining their teammates in attack which inadvertently reduces their attacking options. This aggression is characteristically missing in Batshuayi, he is a very good goal scorer with strength, but lacks Diego Costa's agility to hold defenders to bail. Morata is just adapting to the English style of play which is a bit aggressive and clumsy unlike the style of play in Spain. Costa will still be very useful for the moment.

           MORE OPTIONS:  In the case of an injury to Batshuayi or Morata, there will definitely be few options left for Conte with his present squad, and in an unfortunate incidence an injury to one and a suspension for the other will lead to Chelsea playing without a striker if Diego is not called back or a new striker is not obtained.

          In my candid opinion, I think Diego Costa should be given a second chance at the bridge as his influence is always tangible even in his off days.  And do not forget, his pranks and comic plays in training and dressing room fosters the unity in the club.
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