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Arsenal Vs Chelsea Community Shield Preview Part 2: A Warning For Conte


                   As part 1 of this article has brought some stats to mind ahead of this mind-boggling game, it has also shown how this match could be a test for the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger as pointed here. The shield is to be decided at an arena where Conte lost to this same Arsenal team in last season F.A cup final. Therefore this anticipated match could end up sending a huge warning to Antonio Conte if the result goes unfavourable for him. What warning could this match send?

                 Antonio Conte rocked his 3-4-3 formation almost throughout last season which inadvertently won him the English Premier League trophy in his first season at  Chelsea. But to a large extent, Conte have had difficulty in playing against teams that counter his formation by using the same formation. Examples of the games that were so difficult for Conte last season which he eventually lost were the ones against Tottenham and the FA cup final against Arsenal. Tottenham also played the 3-4-3 system, likewise this was the tactical approach Arsene Wenger used which yielded a good result for him in the final. Definitely, he will employ similar formation tomorrow in the community shield, in a bid to keep his 8 matches unbeaten run at Wembley. In those matches, Conte has found it so difficult to change things around due to the fact that he seems too rigid to the 3-4-3 system. So, in my opinion Conte should be ready to change formation and tactics during the course of the game if things are becoming unfavourable. As this will help him in the coming season since EPL is a league that when your error is discovered all clubs will capitalize on it till you are doomed. That's what Antonio Conte should keep in mind as a warning for the coming season.

             Also another worry in the Chelsea camp ahead of the community shield tie is the injury crises rocking the club. Hazard one of the regular starters will be unavailable, the new signing Bakayoko will also be unavailable due to knee injury. Pedro still remain a doubt following fractures sustained on his face in a match against Arsenal during their preseason tour. Conte has to be 100% tactical tomorrow with this squad if he wants the game to end in his favour. Having it in mind that he is playing against a man that most times, previous records work in his favour.

             A possible line-up for Chelsea will be :  Defenders: Cahill, David Luiz, Azpilicueta       Midfielders: Alonso, Victor Moses, Kante, Fabregas         Forwards: Willian, Morata, Batshuayi
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